Friday, December 4, 2009

The Divine Lover, in Constant Pursuit of the Beloved

In "The Hound of Heaven", a poem written by 19th century poet Francis Thompson, who reportedly battled depression and existentialist angst throughout his life, the inspired poet caught hold of the awesome truth that our Creator God created us for Himself and He, the Divine Lover, ever pursues each of us.
My aunt, Sarah Bush, who taught English literature for many years, first introduced me to this beautiful expression of God's Divine pursuit of us when she gifted me with a little illustrated booklet containing the poem when I was a young adult. Several years later, I was graced with a vision of the love with which we are loved by God. In a kind of vision, with my mind's eye, I "saw" myself as God must see me: weak, vulnerable, fallible, and so often falling short of the person I am created to be in Him, yet completely known and beloved of God.
Here is a link to the poem, "The Hound of Heaven," so you may read and reflect upon its eternal truth for yourself:

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