Thursday, February 11, 2010

You were ALWAYS in His Mind

You are dearly and eternally beloved by your Creator God. Each one of us were first conceived in the Mind of God, the Eternal Intelligence, the Great Master Designer of all that is, the One Who IS Love, both its Definition and Source. We love because He first loved us. To this writer, Salvador Dali's rendition of Christ crucified is a profound depiction of this truth, for Jesus, as Lamb of God, the Sinless One, God-in-Flesh, is "slain from the foundation of the world", bearing the weight of the sin of the world.
In human conception, God allows us, men and women, who are ourselves unique and unrepeatable creations of His, the awe-inspiring privilege of cooperating with Him in bringing into being each new human life, each of whom, like us, is made in His image, yet separate from, the two who have cooperated with God in the act of creation, in bringing forth a unique and original product of His Mind and Intention.
How our loving God must weep and grieve at the loss of each and every one of these little ones, all too many of whom never see the light of day or receive a joyous welcome into this world, all too many who become unseen victims of our modern-day holocaust that occurs daily--and legally--in this country and throughout the world! Some parents are "permitted" to openly grieve at their loss when a child who is longed for and eagerly awaited is miscarried or stillborn. Others, however, believe they must bear their loss privately when the choice is made to abort the child growing and developing silently in her mother's womb.
Of course, the unborn child has no choice in this matter as he or she, while still in what should be the most sacred space of the mother's womb, moves away from the brutal instruments of his or her destruction as they are introduced, either to burn or tear apart, piece by piece, the tiny human life. Is it any wonder that those who promote the so-called "woman's right to choose" do not want us to see the graphic photos that depict this brutality? By the same token, studies have shown that when a woman who is considering abortion and is in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy is shown by ultrasound the life that is growing within her, 9 out of 10 times her choice is that that life be allowed to continue and she rejects the legal alternative of intentionally stopping that tiny heartbeat (which begins beating a mere 24 days after conception).
To be pro-life is to value EVERY human life, the unborn child, the mother in the midst of a crisis pregnancy as well as the mother who has made the regrettable choice of aborting her child, for whatever reason. Those of us who value life and seek to emulate Christ are called to show mercy not only to the unborn child and the mother who seeks an alternative to abortion, but we are also called to show and to BE mercy to those women and men who have been the unwitting victims of abortion: those who have been denied motherhood or fatherhood by someone intentionally bringing to an end the life growing within the mother, but also those who are, as a result, denied the opportunity to become an aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother or grandfather. Being "for life" also means that we value human life in all its forms and at all stages of development: the intellectually-challenged, the physically-challenged, the handicapped, the elderly, and the chronically ill and dying. When we as a society embrace human life in all these aspects in which we find it, we come to embrace one another and to reflect the values that we as American citizens purport to value: those most fundamental rights of ", liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

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